I Hope All Of Your Dreams Come True

by Nina Ryser

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The songs on this album were written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nina Ryser in Philadelphia, from October 2015 - June 2016
...except for track #14, which was recorded in 2001 or 2002 in Brooklyn.

Tracks #4, 8, and 12 were written, performed and recorded by Anina Ivry-Block, in Brooklyn. They are covers of the song "Abdicate", by The Cradle, from his album "Abacus of Love", which you can (AND SHOULD) listen to right here:

Track #5 features vocals performed by Gods Wisdom. Track #6 features clarinet performed by Gabe Adels.

This album is available on CASSETTE TAPE through RAMP LOCAL records, right here! :

Album art by Izzy Kross!

THANK YOU: Jake Saunders ! Gabe ! Ani ! Lily ! Izzy ! Jazz ! Ricky !
Thank you Eve & Cathy for letting me borrow your drums to record! Thanks Slanty Shanty! Thank you Cornelius, Doti, Monster, Sunny and Cookie.


released August 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Nina Ryser Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: So Far Removed
hey! I'm in the middle of the room! and I feel so far removed, even though I met you on the street yesterday. I wasn't myself, I was shook when I saw you.
hey! I'm in the middle of the room, and I feel so far removed. All around me hungry eyes searchin for a fuckin prize hidden from them deep beneath the blue.
Don't look at me.
Track Name: Izzy's Movie
don't take it personally if i say something mean
i've got a big head filled with hot air
a short temper from losin hair
i'm not a child anymore.
sorry for not listening.
where is the function, where is the meeting, where i can learn how to be a rational being?
feels like there's a big rock in my shoe. i'm unable to walk with you.
Track Name: Useless Senses
i'm hard of hearing...i'm hard of seeing...oh, my useless senses. can i retrieve them? the voice of reason has no business here. waiting for something to drown out the noise. oh, my useless senses...can i retrieve them?
Track Name: Just Met ft. Gods Wisdom
i fell in love today. i don't know their name, or from where they came. what is the algorithm to their brain?
i feel that i've seen them before. my memory is poor, but i can still recall an encounter, perhaps, in my dreams.
Track Name: Waiting Place
i didn't know this. i didn't notice. i didn't know this was supposed to be the waiting place.
Track Name: Slip Through
could not find the words, they were lodged inside. it felt like a giant worm was stuck inside my throat. yeah, the baby bird opens her mouth and the worm slides right through her gut.
clearly there's something to learn. it's hard to swallow the words. you were not hungry for worms. you had no taste for my words.
Track Name: Favor
would you hold that for me just to hold it? would you say that to me just to say it? i wouldn't ask a favor like that.
Track Name: Stray Dog
first i fell, then i realized a stray dog was looking at me straight in the eyes. felt so afraid and so alone, but i decided to follow him all the way home.
there is just one thing i have left to do. that thing has nothing to do with you. retrace the phone calls, all those peachy days, to find a clue into this new mysterious darkness.
searched the place for something to eat or drink, never took a moment to rest or think, stray dog was barking, sweat on my neck, i haven't had the chance to protect myself just yet.
Track Name: Host
i was here the whole time and you didn't recognize my face. if you wanna talk, i'll be here most of the time.
Track Name: You Won't
you won't find a way